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Best Sex Toys for Couples, Whether You're New to Experimenting or Seasoned Pros

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Phrases like “spice up the bedroom” are cheesy as all hell, but they’re used incessantly for a reason. If you do something enough times, it loses its luster or becomes all too rote, sex being no exception. Now, you could cross that line with a partner two days and seven hours in, or 27 years in. That’s personal. When you do though, it just might be time to introduce a third party into the equation: a sex toy. Specifically, one not designed for solo use, but one made for couples of all genders and sexual orientations, with a design that ensures both participants are equally happy.

Really, it comes down to one simple rule: If it vibrates, it’ll work. But beyond that rule is a realm of couples sex toys that’ll cover specific interests, interesting positions, and deep-down desires. Here are some of the best, to start you off or to elevate you to the majors. Communicate openly with your partner, use water-based lube with each toy, and get, dare we say it, spicy.


Natya Couples Massager


Worn internally, this massager bends and bows to fit your bodies, the vibrations controlled by the heart-shaped remote. There are seven vibration settings, and each corresponds with its own light color on the remote, which makes it very easy to remember where you left off.  



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