Real-Life Sex Pros Share The Toys They Can’t Live Without

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Hot tip? One of the best ways to improve how you get-off, is to get in conversation with folx shaking up the sex industry. Like sex workers. Not only will you learn more about your body, but how to assist its taste for sexual adventure. After all, you wouldn’t dare a cross-country road trip without a map (unless maybe you’re Werner Herzog) so why walk blindly into a digital aisle of dildos, arms flailing like a car dealership's inflatable dancing man (just us? OK), when there are so many seasoned sex workers out there with years of pearly wisdom to impart?
We asked four women in sex work to get real about the toys they love for themselves, their clients, and for you. They are passionate activists, educators, and network builders. They are sex shop savants, and champions of sex tech equity (yup, a thing!) who want you to turn those toys into tools of empowerment. Whether you’re already an experienced enthusiast or a first-time shopper, consider this an insider's index for your next boudoir shopping spree. Now then, let's roll out the shag carpet for our sexperts...

Mistress Marley

Mistress Marley is a financial dominatrix and founder of the Black Domme Sorority, which is a self-described "collective of Black and Afro-Latina femmes practicing Femdom and Findom, both Pro & Lifestyle." In building out a safe network for BIPOC sex workers, Marley's organization centers and uplifts their stories within the dom/sub femdom fetishes.

Let's see what she looks for in a toy...
"To me, the versatility of a toy matters, whether it’s the different speeds it provides, the overall look of it, or the functionality. I do not like toys that are big; I prefer something more compact for travel purposes." – Mistress Marley

This 3-incher is a great travel companion with versatile, accessible design and a whopping 20 functions.

Nu Sensuelle Point Bullet

"I also prefer to shop with black-owned sex toy businesses to further support my community." – Mistress Marley

"As a pro dominatrix, not only am I looking for toys to indulge in with myself, but I also look for toys that can be used on submissive clients in sessions." – Mistress Marely

Overkink is a Black-owned retailer, and their naughty little paddle a great intro to dom/sub sex and foreplay.
Sportsheets Saffron Ping Pong Paddle, $23.99, available at Overkink.

Saffron Ping Pong Paddle

Ping Pong Paddle
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"It's so much more than just underwear for me now; it's the way I feel about myself as well as how others see me. It's not always easy being a woman in this world, but when you are confident in your skin, there is nothing better than feeling sexy all day long!" X Media
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