Gifts That Will Crank The Heat Way Up This Holiday Season

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If you're not sure which way to go this gifting season—practical, lavish, barebones, or sexy—let me help you out: Go with sexy. Sexy Christmas gifts practically guarantee that whatever you give your partner will, uh, come back to you. And if you're showering a friend with a little somethin' somethin'? Helping them feel like a sex goddess is a surefire way to heat up their holiday szn. It'll for sure strengthen your bond—trust me.

Think about it: Everyone wants to feel desired—so when your significant other unwraps a gift that screams "I want you"—even if it's one they thought they'd never use—your love life is sure to be as lit as that Christmas tree (or Hanukkah menorah). And if it's your bestie? You're giving them something they want but don't want to buy (or choose) themselves. Besides, your trusted rec will be much appreciated.

Of course, there's a fine line between sexy Christmas gifts that are actually sexy and ones that are kinda...icky. Like, there are a million and one spicy options out there. So to help you out a bit (you're welcome), here's the ultimate list of the best sexy Christmas gifts to give in 2020, in exceptionally good taste. From luxurious massage oils to bondage tape and butt plugs, these picks will turn up the heat this winter (so cliche, but so true), and who knows? You might discover something new about your own sexy time preferences. Happy holidays, ya filthy animals!


A Nipple and Clit Clamp Necklace

Lux Fetish

Sexy body chain or nipple clamp? Trick question! This pretty little number from Unbound actually does both. It's plated in 14K gold, so it'll take every outfit up a notch. And it doubles as a nipple and clitoris clamp—complete with adjustable pressure options. Buy one for yourself or your stylish friend who'll squeal with delight by her new accessory-slash-toy.


 o my wallet’s disappointment over the years.)

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