Sex with Jaycee Chester

Sex Positive: Women Singers who own their Sexuality!
Women are making a powerful statement with their voices. They're not just singing love songs to men, but they own sexuality and sing about their pleasures and wants
Best Sex Toys for Dicks—Whether You're With a Partner or Riding Solo
If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that life can easily become redundant, and moments of pleasure are few and far between. So it's understandable why many have taken this time to build out—or start from scratch—their collection of sex toys.
Things You Didn't Know About Using Anal Beads
Nope, not the same as a butt plug.
Black-Owned Sex-Toy Stores, Brands, and Feminine-Care Brands to Know About
If you’re looking for vibrators or herbal-infused pads and tampons, you’ll wanna keep an eye out for these brands.
Message from our OK Babe

"It's so much more than just underwear for me now; it's the way I feel about myself as well as how others see me. It's not always easy being a woman in this world, but when you are confident in your skin, there is nothing better than feeling sexy all day long!"

Find you inner Animal! X Media
Sex with Jaycee Chester

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