EXSENS provides high-quality body care and sexual wellness products with minimal ingredients and functional, elegant, BPA-free packaging. Their entire line is made from 100% vegan ingredients and many of our products have been certified vegan by Eve Vegan, the official European certification body for vegan products and vegan farming. 

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Exsens Pheromone Mist Angels Dream 15ml

Let this heady scent take away all worries! Made with the essence of an amazing plant found only in the Arctic, Angel's...


Exsens Escape Pleasure Kit

Packing for a romantic getaway? The Escape Kit by Exsens is the perfect stash!TSA-Friendly, Vegan, and Paraben-free pleasure tools all in one...


Exsens Body Oil - Assorted Scents

Amber Jojoba is a harmonizing body oil, ideal for daily use at home, either for self, moisturization, self-massage or giving a partner...


Amber Jojoba

Aventurine Avocado

Exsens Arousal Gel - 15ml - Assorted Flavors

This icy-feeling gel was specially conceived to stimulate your senses. A combination of different stimuli: touch, characteristic aroma and cooling sensation to...


Ginger Lychee

Raspberry Mint

Vanilla Espresso

Exsens Massage Oil - Assorted Scents

Amethyst Sweet Almond is a relaxing massage oil, ideal for daily use at home, either for self-massage or with your partner. Enriched...


Amethyst Sweet Almond

Carnelian Apricot

Exsens Warming Massage Oil 50 ml. - Assorted Flavors

This two-in-one warming and massage oil is silky-smooth, sugar-free and non-sticky. Indulge in gourmet massages for moments of intimacy and awakening desire....



Hot vanilla

Mint mojito

Pina colada

Sex on the beach


White peach

Exsens Intime Balance Cleansing Gel 100ml

Exsens Intime Balance Cleansing Gel is made with organic Aloe Vera, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness. It is gentle enough for...


Exsens Crazy Love Cherry Nipple Arousal Cream 8ml

Add a nip of naughty to your night with this Crazy Love Cherry Nipple Arousal Cream. This vegan, flavored, paraben-free formula is...


Exsens Appletini Lubricant 70ml.

This neutral, water-based intimate lubricant with a delicious appletini flavor provides a natural feel for enhanced sexual comfort. Vegan and FDA 510(K)...


Exsens Coconut Hot Kiss Arousal Lip Gloss 7ml

Exsens Coconut Hot Kiss will take make-out sessions to the next level! With a gentle warming buzzing sensation upon application, a cool...


Exsens Raspberry Lubricant 70ml.

This neutral water-based intimate lubricant with a delicious raspberry flavor provides a natural feel for enhanced sexual comfort. Vegan and FDA 510(K)...


Exsens Pheromone Mist Under the Influence Perfume 15ml

Let the sultry scent of EXSENS Under the Influence Pheromone Body Mist enhance the essence of innate sexuality. The paraben-free French perfume...


Exsens Organic Coco Shea Oil 100ml.

Virgin coco shea oil.Escape on a sensual journey.This oil is ideal for nourishing the skin, with its delightful, all natural scent. Perfect...


Exsens Aloe Vera Lubricant 70ml

EXSENS vegan, paraben free, GMO free Aloe Vera Water-Based Intimate Lubricant is an extra nourishing formula made with organic aloe vera extract.Rich...


Exsens Pure Aqua Lubricant 70ml.

This neutral water-based intimate lubricant provides a natural feel for enhanced sexual comfort. Vegan and FDA 510(K) compliant this paraben-free lubricant offers...


Exsens Intimate Cleanser 150 ml.

Feel fresh and smell beautiful all day long. Made of 98% natural-origin ingredients without soap or parabens, Exsens Intimate Cleanser has a...


Exsens Let's Travel Kit

For something more luscious, try these three sweet and indulgent flavors of Exsens 2-in-1 massage oil will seduce and sizzle. Try a...


Exsens Glam Oil 50 ml.

This glittery oil nourishes and softens while giving the body and hair an alluring glow. Sweet almond oil provides a delicious scent....


Exsens Hot & Cold Lip Gloss .26 oz.

Seduce with a kiss. This fruity strawberry-flavored lip gloss has a hot/cold effect for the lips or any place on the skin...


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