Self-love, Safe sex, and Pleasure.


- Jaycee Chester

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and operated Small Business.

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Why I started Overkink.

Hey, I'm Jaycee!

As a joke, I sometimes say it's because my parents never restricted my internet access. In reality, it just happened.

2011: Moved from Brooklyn to work for Disney.

2017: Learned about e-commerce through a good friend and began trying some small ventures that didn’t get far.

2020: Overkink officially launched on 4/20/2020.

NOW: Creating a safe space where people can learn about body-safe toys and experiences that fit their lifestyle.

Who we are!

Overkink is a 100% black owned, women-owned business. While many people struggle with open sexuality, the black community has long harbored negativity surrounding sex-positive thinking. As a black-owned business, Overkink strives to break that mold and cultivate an openly intimate space to discuss, be curious, and explore.

What We Offer!

Overkink works hard to bring you thoughtful products and services regarding your sexual exploration. Our toys and lingerie are from trusted brands, and our media and educational links are expertly sourced to educate and not intimidate.